Liverpool's perfect season will break all records

Jürgen Klopp, técnico del Liverpool
Jürgen Klopp, técnico del Liverpool
Undefeated in Premier League, the Reds could become earliest champion.

Liverpool could become Premier League’s earliest champion as Jurgen Klopp’s keeps shattering records after last year’s successful season where they won the Champions League.

However, the Reds still have a debt in the Premier, which goes back over 30 years, when they won their most recent League title. The Premier League as it exists today had not even been created.

Liverpool not only has an unbeaten run in the League, they have a wonderful 73 point record, thanks to their 24 wins and only one tie. The gap with the second place is of 22 points, the biggest since the Premier League format was created.

Right now, Liverpool only needs seven more wins to secure the title they haven’t won since 1990.

This could happen on March 21st, when they face Crystal Palace, with seven more games to go. In the five main leagues in Europe, only PSG in 2015-16 (8), and Bayern Munich in 2013-14 (7) have won the title with seven or more games to play.

Besides this, the Reds could repeat what Arsenal did in the 2003-04 season, an unbeaten streak, while their 20th consecutive victory on Saturday in Anfield, let them tie Manchester City’s record in the Premier League era.

The next record Klopp’s team could break, is Bill Shankly’s 1972 Liverpool 21 consecutive win streak. Reds have won the 19 games they have played in Anfield. Their current streak is 13.

Manchester City’s 2017-18 100 point record seemed unattainable. However, Liverpool could get 112 if they win every remaining game, after only letting go two points in the whole season after tying with Manchester United in October. 

Their unbeaten League run goes back a year, for 43 matches. Depending on the FA Cup matches, the record could go up to 49 to equal 2004 Arsenal’s unbeaten run, against Manchester City on April 4th.

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