A very Latin party

Super Bowl LIV is probably one of the most “Latin” events in the history of Sports, it has all the ingredients to be a great party.

Super Bowl LIV is probably one of the most Latin events in the history of Sports, it has all the ingredients to be a great party.

by Juan Pablo Espinosa

One just can’t deny that the Latin community can turn any event into a huge party, and that is probably what will happen on Super Bowl LIV that will take place in Miami.

For starters, Miami is probably next to LA one of the beacons for Latinos all around the USA. The Cuban, Puertorrican and Mexican communities are very well established in a city that emanates rum and salsa.

In this special location, the 49ers and the Chiefs will fight for the supremacy of the NFL. And these two squads have their fair share of Latin influence that will resonate in the Hard Rock Stadium

On one hand we have Kansas City, a team that this year came to Mexico City to beat the San Diego Chargers. Fun Fact, at least one of the teams that has visited Mexico each year since the official games came back, has played in the Super Bowl. The Chiefs felt at home, even Tyrann Mathieu proudly wore the Mexican National team jersey in a presser prior to the game.

On the other side, San Francisco has one of the biggest latin fan base because of the huge presence of Mexicans in the state of California. There are even fan groups with 3rd or 4th generation Americans with Mexican heritage. A few years a Mexican young player called Shayne Skov made to the practice squad for the Niners, although his stint was very short.

Unfortunately, on this occasion there are no latin players in any of the teams’ rosters, which is a clear reflection of the Hispanic presence in the League. According to the Miami Herald, just 16 of the NFL’s 1,696 players were of Hispanic origin, which accounts for less than 1 percent.

Yet, the Halftime show will give latins their proper place, for the first time in history two latin women will be headlining. Although Gloria Estefan already made appearances, this is the firs time that the show will be entirely Latin. With the presence of Jennifer López and Shakira, the NFL finally acknowledges diversity in a League that has more than 30 million Hispanic fans. 

If it wasn’t enough, the Mexican band Los TIgres del Norte will also perform in what will be a true celebration for the Latin community. 

The NFL has a pending issue, to include more international players not just play matches abroad. But for now, Latinos should be happy that they’re getting the place they deserve in what of the most important sports events in the world.

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